20th June 2015

Sick, Sick, Sick bad beat in the WSOP!

Yet again, a horrendous bad beat.

I was in the small blind with pock aces and I raised to $800. The big blind went all in with Ace – Jack pre-flop. I called immediately and when he saw my aces he started to walk.

This is what happened…



The poker odds calculator below shows he only had a 6% shot at winning pre-flop.


After the flop


After the turn only a 9% chance – He has to hit a Queen!


ARRRGGGHHH! He did it!



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6th July 2013

5 Before the Money – SICK!


Event 60 – Second day.

I was really looking forward to today as I was certain I would get in the money and end up deep into the tournament. I just needed a good starting hand to make my move.

Then it happened….

I looked down at Ace, Queen and I was on the button. I raised and the big blind nonchalantly said I am all in. I thought about it and called.

The guy said, ‘You win buddy – I only have King, Jack of diamonds.’

The flop came Ace diamonds, Queen diamonds, 5 clubs.

Please no diamond I was thinking and saying it out loud. My prayers were answered, no diamond came and I was so relieved to have doubled up. Then the dealer GAVE THE CHIPS TO THE OTHER GUY!

He hit a 10 on the river giving him a straight!

I was out just 5 from the money out of 2,660 runner, I came 275th.

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30th June 2013

Things are Hotting Up!


You may have seen in the news this week that Las Vegas is about to reach some record temperatures over the next couple of days. In fact, Death Valley is expected to get as hot as 134 degrees Fahrenheit – 56 Celsius to you and me. See above a photo I took of my car dashboard yesterday.

Despite the temperature hitting record highs outside, things are beginning to ‘Hot up’ on the poker table too.

Yesterday I was in the $1,500 bracelet event that attracted 2,816 runners, giving a massive prize pool of $4,224,000. I played steady poker and turned my starting stack of $4,500 chips to over $40,000 over a duration of 14 hours.

Unfortunately, I had pocket 9s and the flop came 9, Jack, 5. I hear you say unfortunately? Well a chap went all in with King, Queen as he thought I was bluffing with my raise. Needless to say, as 10 came as the turn card giving him a straight and me a ticket home.

I came 320th when the money payouts start at position 297.

Oh well! There is always today to look forward to.

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28th June 2013

Bad Beats just keep on coming!

imagesI was cruising along nicely today, playing the most solid poker of the trip so far. I was absolutely determined to make the money and only play solid poker without taking any stupid chances.

However, the poker gods had a different idea.

I was on the big blind and has Ace, 10. A chap had raised a tiny amount and I thought it would be worth seeing a flop. that came 7, 10, 10. I checked and he raised. I re-raised and he went all in. I called. He showed King, King.

When he saw my trip 10s, he picked up his stuff and walked away from the table saying that it was all over for him.

The turn card was a 6 and the river was a KING!

I have since checked the odds of him hitting his King and I was 96.45% favourite to win the hand. I was out of the $1,500 No limit Hold’em event.

Not only that, I went and played in a small single table satellite and had King, Queen. No one raised and the flop came King, Queen, 6. Another chap raised and I re-rasied; he went all in and I called. He showed pocket Aces. I am now 94% in front. the next card was a 7 and the river was a 6 giving him two pairs.

I am at a loss now as to whether I should continue. Surely this bad luck cannot continue??

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27th June 2013

Today’s Live Action Will Appear Here

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25th June 2013

My First Royal Flush – EVER!


The daily deep stack poker tournament.

I was cruising quite nicely in the daily deep stack with about 96,000 in chips. I looked down and saw King of hearts and Queen of diamonds. A guy raised and I called. The flop came 10 of hearts, 5 of hearts and Jack of hearts. Everyone checks, which allows me to see a free card. The Ace of hearts followed. One guy raises all in and I call. As it happened, he was trying to bluff me off the pot.

Naturally, the next card was a dream card for me – The Queen of hearts, giving me a Royal Flush.

I now had 250,000 in chips and ended coming in at 88th position – not bad from a starting field of 1,200 people.

At last, I had made the money in a proper tournament event.

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21st June 2013


shoot you - Google Search

Today was a fun and exciting day. I was in a poker shootout tournament. For those of you who don’t know, a shootout tournament is when you have to eliminate every other player on your own table to progress to the next round. It is much quicker to get to the final table because if you start with 2,000 players as we did today, then tomorrow it instantly changes to 200 players.

I did well and was chip leader for much of the day on my table. It ended up with me being heads-up with one other guy.

He had just taken out two other players and was now chip leader on our table. I had 18,000 whilst he had 27,000. I looked down and saw Queen, Four of spades. As I was big blind and I managed to see a cheap flop that was Queen of Hearts, 4 of diamonds and 2 of spades.

I checked and the other guy raised as he had been doing for some time on previous hands. I re-raised him all in and he showed Ace, Queen of diamonds. The turn card was a diamond and so was the river, putting an end to my campaign for today.

I know I am better than most of the players here and just need a little run of luck of my own. No one ever won a poker tournament without some good fortune and I believe my time will be in this WSOP.

I hope you are enjoying reading this.

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20th June 2013

This tournament is over :-(

Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rockets

After a long grind with virtually no hands to speak of, I managed to knock out two professional players and was steaming along quite merrily.

Even though I had been card dry for most of the day, I was still doing okay as far as chips were concerned and managed to play my position and odds tactically.

Then I had a bombshell. I looked down and saw the best hand of the day – pocket Aces. You can’t ask for better than that, especially as I was on the big blind. Even better was the fact that one chap went all in with pocket nines. Naturally I called and, you guessed it a nine came out as the turn card. I was crushed!

Oh well, a few more tourneys in the offing over the next few days.

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19th June 2013

Winning again!


This just has to stop!

I couldn’t help myself today as it was supposed to be a day of rest.

However, after a morning of work, swimming and sunbathing, I found myself heading to the Rio again. Entered a small single satellite game and managed to win it less than an hour later. Another $1,025 in the back pocket to invest into future events.

Tomorrow is the real start of my campaign as I am in my first bracelet event – The $1,000 turbo. If I can get the results I have been getting, this could be a millionaire maker.

Watch this space guys and thanks to all those in the UK that are following me.

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6th April 2013

Helping Opportunity Village

Today I am playing in Caesars for charity. The good cause helping to raise money for Opportunity Village.

Opportunity Village is a not-for-profit organization that serves people in the Southern Nevada community with intellectual disabilities, to enhance their lives and the lives of the families who love them. Opportunity Village is dedicated to helping people with severe intellectual and related disabilities become the very best they can be. Through vocational training, community employment, day services, advocacy, arts and social recreation, citizens with severe disabilities are able to find new friends, realize future career paths, seek independence and community integration and unleash creative passions.

Come on down if you want to win a seat in the WSOP and make some money for charity.

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