20th June 2013

This tournament is over :-(

Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rockets

After a long grind with virtually no hands to speak of, I managed to knock out two professional players and was steaming along quite merrily.

Even though I had been card dry for most of the day, I was still doing okay as far as chips were concerned and managed to play my position and odds tactically.

Then I had a bombshell. I looked down and saw the best hand of the day – pocket Aces. You can’t ask for better than that, especially as I was on the big blind. Even better was the fact that one chap went all in with pocket nines. Naturally I called and, you guessed it a nine came out as the turn card. I was crushed!

Oh well, a few more tourneys in the offing over the next few days.

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21st June 2010

WINNING! – 1st out of 76 entrants

winningToday was amazing.

Just went along in disguise (Normal clothes) and entered a small satellite competition for the main event. The entry fee was $330 and the prize for 1st and 2nd was a main event $10,200 seat!

No cards were coming my way but I managed to hang on in there. If anything, it was to practice for tomorrow’s large shootout event.

Anyway, it ended up with me as one of the shorter stacks on the final table after 5 hours of play. Luckily I managed to get a good read of all the players and after another hour I became the chip leader with 4 of us left. 50/50 chance therefore of winning a MAIN EVENT seat.

Finally my patience and tactics paid dividends and I looked down at pocket kings against the short stack. He raised and I tried to act as though I had nothing but raised anyway. He re-raised and I called immediately. To say he was gutted was an understatement. I stole his chips and just three of us were left in the tournament. Me, Duane and Ralph – See picture above (Duane left & Ralph right).

I now had a massive chip lead with 49% of the total chips in play.

Somebody mentioned doing a deal and I agreed as long as I took $9,200 and they were to figure out their 2nd and 3rd prize pool. After some discussion we shook hands and I was declared the winner.

I have to say that it was an absolute pleasure to play with Duane and Ralph and Had Duane and I knew that Ralph had to go straight to the airport, maybe we would not have done a deal as he would have been on tilt.

Anyway, job done and Main event – Here I Come!

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20th August 2009

BBC Radio



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18th July 2009

John Salley wanted a shot with ME!

JohnSalleyJohn Salley the world famous basketball player and ESPN presenter, wait for it – wanted a picture with me.

I was happy to oblige because I had never heard of him and I did not have a clue who he was – just a very genuine tall bloke who wanted a photo with ‘The Chief’.

Anyway John, I googled you and you are a true superstar in every sense of the word.

I just wish I had charged you for the autograph now I know how much money you have – only joking!

Anyone back in the UK who wants to know more about him can click: John Salley

Glad you enjoyed the magic and it was a true pleasure to meet you.

The Chief

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15th July 2009

TV Italiano

reporterPopped into the Rio today to watch the last few final tables when, again I was approached by TV companies for interviews etc.

I realised I was wearing one of my other Indian Headdresses which I had never had a picture taken of.

So I agreed with the Italian team that I would only do an interview if I could have my picture taken with their wonderful looking cameraman Woman.

I thought all camera people were men and this was a refreshing change.

Thanks TV Itaiano and good luck with filming the event – it’s crowded in there.

Just to let everyone at home know that the Series is really hotting up so you must check out the live updates at World Series

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13th July 2009

Swedish Interview

This guy was crazy, but REALLY knowledgeable about poker.

It was a great pleasure to get to know him. Thank you Murat!

The full report maybe seen here

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4th July 2008

Gus Hansen & Tomorrow!

Here is a photo for the book – Me and Gus Hansen.

Gus has earned millions of dollars at the world series and proved to be a down-to-earth kind of guy.

For those of you that want to support me tomorrow and are in Las Vegas, I will be kicking it off at noon in the ‘Amazon Green’ area at table 8, seat 6.

It would be great to see you there; God knows I could do with the support after having quite a few bad-beats this week.

I chose this day because I figured that most Americans would have a hangover after celebrating Independence Day.

By the way, in case you are wondering about the ‘Bling’ neck chain, someone told me it was the key to the final table. I will wear it until they are proved right!

If you want to see some other stuff Darren and I have been up to please click here.

I am feeling good and looking forward to a great day.

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28th June 2008

Friday’s News

Entered another WSOP event and was really looking forward to it.

Over 2,000 entrants.

All went well until this happened:

Off back to the hotel to mentally prepare for tomorrow!

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