2nd July 2010

Playing Poker with Hollywood Stars

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Shannon ElizabethToday was interesting….

For those of you who are interested in the poker you will have to wait a moment whilst I tell you about who I was playing with – Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie. Click her picture for more info.

Now to the boring bit.

All was going to plan and again, I cannot believe what I was seeing! The truth is, you do not have to be a good poker player to win, even though you would think that being in the biggest events in the world would bring only the best players. The younger crowd are truly crazy and rely on luck to progress. There are just too many of them to fight against because whenever you get rid of two or three, another 2-300 are waiting round the corner to play ‘crazy poker’.

I played solid poker for 9 hours and knew exactly what I was doing. I had a good read of every player and was waiting patiently to make my move. We started with 3,000 in chips today and I grinded my way up to 15,000. It was hard work and I watched in amazement as kids came along and went all-in with the most outrageous hands such as 9, 4 or King, 2 – PRE-FLOP! Naturally many times they won because other people couldn’t risk going all-in just in case the nutters had a real hand. When people did call they would often take out the nutter only for us to find another taking their place. There are 1,000s of kids with too much money and no common sense.

Truly, this is not sour grapes but factual.

This is how it ended for me today. I had Ace, Queen suited and a nutter raised as usual. I thought he had nothing so I re-raised. He called. The flop came Queen, 8, 4 (unsuited). The Internet nutter was first to act and pushed all-in. I called immediately and was relieved when he showed King, 8 (also unsuited). The turn card was a King.

Patience is a virtue but stupidity seems to be paying dividends for idiots this year.

I promise here and now ‘in writing’, that if I don’t come anywhere in the main event I will never come to the World Series again as it pays dividends for fools. Be aware though fools, because for every one of you who wins, there are 1,000s of you who lose fortunes out here every day.

Gone are the days where true skill has anything to do with winning at poker.

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  1. 1 On July 2nd, 2010, Nick Peters said:

    Just googled “How to beat nutters at the poker table”

    After the first line..Go to Torquay £1-£2 cash game and sit down with £5,000,
    the following article from PokerPlayer came up…..

    Picture this. A man brings a brown grocery sack to a game, takes a seat and then dumps the entire contents of the bag – $25,000 – onto the poker table into one big pile.

    Bundles of hundred-dollar bills tumble onto the green felt. The man has everyone in the game covered at least five times over.

    The date is winter 1996, the place Resorts International, Atlantic City, the game pot-limit Texas hold’em. The man posts his $5 blind and is dealt a hand. What happens next defies the imagination. He becomes an instant legend in poker circles. He proceeds to raise on each successive round of betting.

    This wouldn’t be unusual but for one crucial detail: he never looks at his cards.

    The man is an eccentric, a gambler, a freak, a risktaker, an oddball – and a godsend to any poker game. He is the quintessential maniac, playing without any fear of losing and seemingly lacking any regard for money. Incredibly, he wins a few hands early on and busts two players at the table before meeting his inevitable destiny.

    The $25,000 lasts 20 minutes. His fate sealed, the man toddles out of the casino, never to be seen nor heard of again.

    Hope that helps.

  2. 2 On July 2nd, 2010, Matthew said:

    Hi Andy they will lose more than they win luck will go but skill never will good luck hope the big one goes better for you

  3. 3 On July 2nd, 2010, admin said:

    Great comments guys, Thank you!

    There is one problem with your story Nick and that is this. What happens if there are 1,500 nutters prepared to do the same thing?

    I saw many come and go instantly, but when they get lucky and have an Empire State building of chips and you are sitting there with a low caravan, it is intimidating to say the least. The fact is mate, that I would be annoyed if I brought myself down to their level of play, because I would probably be out within a few minutes and, more importantly, I haven’t put a foot wrong and have acted ‘card perfect’ at all times. (Except for the mis-read of A, K last week).

    I think I will stick to my strategy and grind away and hopefully smash my caravan into their empire state foundations and knock their stack down. :)

  4. 4 On July 3rd, 2010, Nick Peters said:

    I remember some of the old pro’s used to be willing to “gamble” in the early stages. If they got lucky and got some chips they would then slow down and wait for better spots. Of course this doesn’t mean to say it’s the right approach, it’s just being aware that there are players willing to open shove with 9-3 off with 200 big blinds!

    It might also be that the “internet” generation feel the live game is too slow and they need high speed, high octane action. Developing a strategy to counter their “boredom” is worthwhile trying to discover. so you can slam your bottom of the range compass caravan tourer into all the Burj Dubai’s on the table!

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