10th July 2010

How to play Pocket Jacks – or Not!

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WLUF000AOkay. Great made day 2 with above chip average of $40,000!

Great news.

The strategy today was to wait for the ‘Nuts’ and go all in. I hear you say, ‘Tight play – but expected, if you want to get through to day 3′.

I had been joking to the other players before play began that there are three ways to play pocket jack and all of them are wrong!

Low and behold, three hands in, I was in the big blind and had pocket jacks. As someone had made a small raise from under the gun, I decided to call. Dream flop of Jack, 7, 2 , all of which was unsuited. I was sitting pretty with top trips so I decided to trap a little. (Comment if you think I have done wrong).

Next came a 10 which also unsuited any of the cards on the board. I checked and the guy raised. I raised all-in to stop any kind of bad beat and he called. I was loving every second! We both turned our cards over and I was relieved to see he had King, Queen.

BANG – the river was an Ace! giving him the straight!

Don’t worry, I had him covered but it did make a huge dent in my stack. I had doubled him up!

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