American Indians

cards-Low-resIt is not my intention in ANY way to upset any American Indians by using a Chief’s Head Dress for my image.

In fact, I wear it with pride as my Great Grandfather was accepted into a tribe and they gave him loads of traditional Indian clothing which is still in our family to this day.

(I would wear that if I could but it was made for someone who was about 5 ft and I am 6’2″).

They accepted him warmly and gave him the nickname of ‘Breadknife Bill’.

The Indians were from a division of the Souix Indians know as Cree. Eventually they settled near Calgary in Canada.

I love historical culture and fully respect all of your values and traditions.

Many descendants of tribes people have wished me all the best and have been extremely warm and friendly towards me. I just wanted to state here that if I have upset anyone, it was never my intention to do so.

I am a fun, loving, warm-hearted family guy who just wishes everyone fun and good fortune.

Please let me know if I am in anyway upsetting anyone by emailing me at

Thank you to everyone who has wished me luck and given me warm support.


LittleBigCard :)

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  1. 1 On July 15th, 2009, hal said:

    Hi Bud, are you still in the tournament or not?
    Say hi to Anja and Sophia, i have been looking at all your blogs you seem to be having a great time!!!!
    All the best toon you all.

  2. 2 On July 16th, 2009, admin said:

    READ the blog. Then you will know how I am doing. Hope all is well in the UK.
    The Chief

  3. 3 On January 16th, 2011, Elizabeth Bentley said:

    Just watched the Antiques Road Show which featured items, including some Native American items, brought back by an Englishman who was apparently known as Breadknife Bill. I wonder if this is a coincidence or if there is a link.

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