5th April 2013

Making a comeback in 2013

For some time people have been asking me to dust off my headdress and get back on the international poker scene. I have been contemplating a comeback for some time and I see no reason why the time should not be now.

I am proud to announce  that the Chief will be returning to play in most events at the World Series of Poker during 2013.

Even though the Indian gear maybe a little dusty, my poker brain most certainly is not. I have been playing in local European tournaments and the results have not been too bad.

I truly look forward to a fun year and am available events and charitable tournaments.

Look out everyone – The Chief is Back!

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10th July 2010

I am Dead!

skull-cardsI didn’t have the heart to tell you earlier, but I got knocked out today shortly after my other bad experience.

Do I feel bad?


The reason is because I did the very best anyone could do given the situation. No one would have played differently. Here is what happened in the closing hand.

I was on big blind and was holding Queen, Jack and was able to see a free flop.

The flop came Queen, Jack, Jack – again ALL my dreams had come true. Being 1st to act I decided to check to encourage a few people to enter the pot.

One chap raised, two players folded, leaving me playing ‘Heads Up!’ with the perfect hole cards.

Turn came 4.

The same guy raised me to all-in.

I gladly called and he showed Ace, Jack as his hole cards. To say he was gutted when he saw my full house was an understatement. I felt I was on my way to the final table when, in fact, I was playing my final hand.

The Grim Reaper was waiting behind me to slice my head off.

You guessed it – the river card was an ACE giving the guy a higher full house than mine.

Thank you for your comments and don’t go away because there is more exciting news to follow over the coming days.

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10th July 2010

Poker Pens

poker_penGot to say thanks to these guys for giving me a ‘Poker Pen‘ if would endorse their product on my site.

Well there was no need as I happily paid for it as this pen is absolutely the best pen I have ever had.

So this note is for free as a gift from me Poker Pens!

I felt so badly for all the exhibition stands this year. If the WSOP never take any notice of anything I say other than this, it will be enough. ‘GO BACK TO THE OLD EXHIBITION HALL!’ It attracts more spectators and gives the exhibitors more value for money.

The layout of everything this year was a shambles as the WSOP store was located at the front. In order to get the general public through the door you must put your most popular items at the back, just like grocery stores do. Therefore, please change it back for next year. Not for me but all the public and the exhibitors. I am sure you will sell more stands and therefore make more money!

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10th July 2010

How to play Pocket Jacks – or Not!

WLUF000AOkay. Great made day 2 with above chip average of $40,000!

Great news.

The strategy today was to wait for the ‘Nuts’ and go all in. I hear you say, ‘Tight play – but expected, if you want to get through to day 3′.

I had been joking to the other players before play began that there are three ways to play pocket jack and all of them are wrong!

Low and behold, three hands in, I was in the big blind and had pocket jacks. As someone had made a small raise from under the gun, I decided to call. Dream flop of Jack, 7, 2 , all of which was unsuited. I was sitting pretty with top trips so I decided to trap a little. (Comment if you think I have done wrong).

Next came a 10 which also unsuited any of the cards on the board. I checked and the guy raised. I raised all-in to stop any kind of bad beat and he called. I was loving every second! We both turned our cards over and I was relieved to see he had King, Queen.

BANG – the river was an Ace! giving him the straight!

Don’t worry, I had him covered but it did make a huge dent in my stack. I had doubled him up!

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8th July 2010

Through to Day 3 of the ‘Main Event’

wsop-chipOK. I am going to make this brief as I have only just got in and it is just past 6am and I need to rest before my next marathon.

Today, I was in the main event and became the chip leader within 1 hour of sitting down. I took our two people and my chip stack reached $72,000!

Then my ‘dry patch’ appeared and I watched crazy things happen with the usual Internet nutters. One guy, after a flop of Ace, King, 9 went all in with pocket 7s. He was caught with his pants down and was nearly eliminated.

I waited and waited but had no cards to attack him. Then, when I did he woke up with a real hand. I lost $15,000 in one go when he had pocket Aces.

Anyway, the good news is that I am through to day 2 and will resume my campaign on Friday. My current chip count is exactly $40,000 which is about 3,000 below average. Nothing to worry about as I have managed from far worse positions in the past.

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6th July 2010

The Clock is Ticking!

ShannonWell, here we are the day before the real action starts.

Don’t get me wrong, some people have started their campaign yesterday and the day before. There are still two more starting days to go and mine begins at 8pm tomorrow (UK Time).

I have taken two days off, apart from when my Hollywood fans insist I have my photo taken with them. (See Shannon Elizabeth in the picture).

I promise to be honest about my actions and, apart from nutters, I think I am quite capable of playing with the best players in the world.

Today is really weird. It is like the calm before the storm and, for those of you who know me well enough, I usually have minimum sleep any way. Therefore I have decided to go out late tonight and have a meal and maybe hook up with some lads from Torquay. That way, if I get to bed really late, I may fall asleep virtually straight away without worrying about the outcome of tomorrow.24-hours-thumb8124686

I shall endeavour to keep you informed via Twitter on the left side bar, but some of my opponents may be viewing this feed, so I will have to be careful about my reporting.

Thank you all for your continuing suport, and I look forward to giving you positive news tomorrow morning.

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2nd July 2010

Here is my Ticket :)

SeatTicketWell, here it is!

This is a seat ticket for what could be my last event. (See previous post as to why).

Thank you to all the people who have been supporting me over the years especially the loyal crew from the Mint Casino in Torquay and Chris Ferguson for being such a great chap offering good advice.

This is just to show you all where I am seated so feel free to come along if you like.

For those of you not fortunate enough to be here right now I will be updating the site on my twitter account from the table, so you can view live reporting on the left side bar.

I am loving all your comments, so please keep them coming. In This site maybe a little quiet over the next few days as my campaign begins next Wednesday.

Can’t believe I won’t be popping down for a quick gander in the next day or so, so I may post the odd bit of gossip.

All the best to everyone – The Chief!

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2nd July 2010

Playing Poker with Hollywood Stars

Shannon ElizabethToday was interesting….

For those of you who are interested in the poker you will have to wait a moment whilst I tell you about who I was playing with – Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie. Click her picture for more info.

Now to the boring bit.

All was going to plan and again, I cannot believe what I was seeing! The truth is, you do not have to be a good poker player to win, even though you would think that being in the biggest events in the world would bring only the best players. The younger crowd are truly crazy and rely on luck to progress. There are just too many of them to fight against because whenever you get rid of two or three, another 2-300 are waiting round the corner to play ‘crazy poker’.

I played solid poker for 9 hours and knew exactly what I was doing. I had a good read of every player and was waiting patiently to make my move. We started with 3,000 in chips today and I grinded my way up to 15,000. It was hard work and I watched in amazement as kids came along and went all-in with the most outrageous hands such as 9, 4 or King, 2 – PRE-FLOP! Naturally many times they won because other people couldn’t risk going all-in just in case the nutters had a real hand. When people did call they would often take out the nutter only for us to find another taking their place. There are 1,000s of kids with too much money and no common sense.

Truly, this is not sour grapes but factual.

This is how it ended for me today. I had Ace, Queen suited and a nutter raised as usual. I thought he had nothing so I re-raised. He called. The flop came Queen, 8, 4 (unsuited). The Internet nutter was first to act and pushed all-in. I called immediately and was relieved when he showed King, 8 (also unsuited). The turn card was a King.

Patience is a virtue but stupidity seems to be paying dividends for idiots this year.

I promise here and now ‘in writing’, that if I don’t come anywhere in the main event I will never come to the World Series again as it pays dividends for fools. Be aware though fools, because for every one of you who wins, there are 1,000s of you who lose fortunes out here every day.

Gone are the days where true skill has anything to do with winning at poker.

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1st July 2010

Another Day – Another Dollar

Zoeken | PokerNewsJust settling down to do a full day of work for Copybook and realised the guys at the poker tournament had signed me up for today instead of a tomorrow start.

This has really thrown a spanner in the works as I was all geared up for a full day of work to help all our team worldwide – sorry guys!

Not sure whether I should go as myself or the Indian so I am taking the gear anyway and see how I feel when I get there. I think I probably will wear it.

All of this is working up to and practicing for the main event which I begin next Wednesday.

Feeling good but tired as I only had a couple of hours sleep last night.

Even though I am up throughout this series, I feel that I have come nowhere near to where I should be money-wise.

Hopefully today will be the major turning point I am looking for.

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30th June 2010

What would you do?

chimpanzee_thinkingHere is what happened earlier in the week.

I was sitting pretty as 2nd chip leader with Ace, Jack of clubs. The flop came Jack of hearts, 7 of clubs and the 2 of clubs.

The short stack made a raise all-in from the button. I thought that he maybe trying to steal the blinds and decided to call because he had been playing erratically all day and I had top pair with about 15 outs to come with any Jack, Ace or club, even if he had a hand. He showed Q,Q. Unfortunately they held up and he reduced my stack to half of it’s former glory.

The very next hand I looked down at King, King.

I shoved all in and said I was on tilt to try to encourage a call.

Another guy called immediately with Queen, Queen. Naturally a Queen came on the turn and I was left leaving the arena with my tail between my legs.

Consolation prize. I explained the situation to Chris Ferguson (Jesus) later and he said he would have played both hands the exact same way.

The annoying thing was that I could have walked away from the table and just waited to hit the money stage but then return to a tiny amount of chips. I was after the gold bracelet and $680,000 prize money.

Later, I am going to show you the winning entry ticket of this years World Series of Poker tournament as I got mine yesterday.

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